The impact of your donations

Why Support the Alzheimer Society of Montreal and Its Mission?

In 2022, 163,000 people in Quebec will be living with Alzheimer's or a related disease, including over 35,000 Montrealers.

The number of people with cognitive disorders will increase by 66% over the next 15 years and, as a result, the demand for our programs, counselling services, respite and stimulation services, training, and education will grow significantly over the next few years. We anticipate an even bigger increase as a result of COVID-19's impact, which exacerbates the symptoms of those affected and heightens the distress and isolation faced by caregivers.

Given this situation, there is an urgent need to raise public awareness on the importance of fundraising, through events such as the Walk for Alzheimer's, in order to increase our services.

Last year, thanks to the various programs and services offered at our 19 service points across the island of Montreal, we were able to reach 1,700 Montrealers living with cognitive disorders, as well as caregivers and organizations. We are proud of this accomplishment—but it is not enough!

The Alzheimer Society of Montreal is fortunate to benefit from grants, (which represent 30% of its budget) in order to accomplish its mission. We also count on the generosity of donors like you to ensure the continuity of our services. Our goal is to offer more services to Montrealers struggling with Alzheimer’s disease by doubling our capacity for action. To meet this challenge, we must double our efforts!

Alzheimer’s disease affects everyone. Help us support twice as many Montrealers living with dementia and their caregivers today! Register to the Walk for Alzheimer's now or make a donation !


Register to the Walk and raise funds in support of people living with dementia and their families.