Nancy Weiss

Raised : $1,300
Objective : $2,000
2021-06-22 $100
Diane Sasson

Always happy to support ALS in Jay's memory! The cure will come.

2021-06-16 $50
Florence, Nelson & Morgan Asinowski
2021-06-15 $50
Cheryl & Peter Vockathaler

Glad to help the cause in memory of our great friend

2021-06-03 $50
Eileen and Victor and family

Such fond memories to this day of Jay and the special person he was to each of us. Walk on, our friend.

2021-05-24 $100
Private donation*

We’re rooting for you! Go Girl

2021-05-22 $50
Bruno Gattuso

One day there will be a cure for this disease.Nancy,I commend you for working so hard for this cause in memory of our beloved Jay.

2021-05-21 $50
Patty Lapkovsky
2021-05-21 $500
Private donation*
2021-05-20 $50
Merrill Liverman

Wonderful cause to find a cure.

2021-05-20 $100
Max Kaufman
2021-05-20 $200
Private donation*