Volunteer and make a difference!

Volunteering means taking your time to give to a cause you believe in. It means applying your skills towards helping those who need it the most. Volunteering means making a significant difference in the achievement of our mission. Young and less young, if the cause is dear to you, join our team and help us make the Walks to End ALS a great success!

Volunteering for the walk means having access to:

  • The volunteer t-shirt;
  • A snack;
  • Free parking (depending on the location of the walk);
  • The possibility of taking part in the walk (depending on the position held).

Whether it’s providing participants with snacks or practicing your photography skills, we have something for you!

One of these roles makes you want to join us? For more information, please contact our Fundraising event coordinator.


Prerequisite: be an early bird!

-Unload the delivery truck ;
-Get the site ready for participants. This may involve an early start time;
-Move tables/chairs;
-Hang signs;
-Set up tents.


Prerequisite: be cheerful!

-Welcome participants;
-Ensure that walkers have completed their pledge form;
-Direct walkers to the registration tables if they are not already registered;
-Give directions as needed to the participants.


Prerequisite: be 18 or over!

-Collect pledge forms from participants;
-Verify pledges;
-Ensure event waivers are signed;
-Handle money.


Prerequisite: versatility!

-Perform any one of the volunteer tasks listed here;
-Lend an extra hand to certain areas when needed.


Prerequisite: have strong legs!(because you’ll stand for long periods of time)

-Set up the station;
-Distribute food;
-Control crowds;
-Keep the area clean.


Prerequisite: have a good eye! (and a camera)

-Take pictures and videos of the participants and the volunteers in action;
-Move to strategic places of the route to take pictures of the participants;
-Solicit teams to take their pictures.


Prerequisite: wear the orange vest with style!

-Save spaces for people with reduced mobility.
-Help people get out of their vehicle if needed;
-Direct drivers to the closest space available;
-Send them to an alternative parking lot if needed;
–Show them the way to the walk site once they have parked.


Prerequisite: master the art of folding clothes!

-Carry heavy piles of t-shirts (1 person in the team);
-Set up the table and divide t-shirts by size;
-Hand out a t-shirt to each participant who has pledged $25 or more.


Prerequisite: be strong!

-Assist with event clean up;
-Move tables/chairs
-Pack supplies;
-Take down signs;
-Pick up garbage and recycling.
-Load the delivery truck.


Prerequisite : be connected!

-Publish pictures and videos of the event on our social medias (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram);
-Use the official event hashtags;
-Create ,in real time, content when required;
-Monitor social media content posted by users;
-Measure the event impact on social media with performance indicators.