Antonia Iagallo

Raised : $1,215
2020-09-21 $25
Private donation*

Don't give up Antonia ! Sending you lots of courage and positive vibes.

2020-07-26 $50
Diana W

You are a beautiful soul and an inspiration. Keep fighting!

2020-06-23 $50
Woschitz-Mutzke clan

We are routing for you. Wishing you strength through all this.

2020-06-22 $60
Private donation*

Antonia you are so strong and so amazing. Wishing you continue strength and courage as you fight this disease. We love you ❤️❤️????????

2020-06-21 $30
Tomasso Salvati
2020-06-21 $30
Anonymous donation

You’re a true inspiration.. a beautiful woman inside and out.
God Bless xo

2020-06-21 $100
Jemma and Benjamin

You're the best Zia anyone could ask for, we love you so much.

2020-06-21 $50
Woschitz family
2020-06-20 $20

i wish i could be their and join the walk but i will send positive vibes

2020-06-17 $25
Private Donation
2020-06-16 $50

You’re an inspiration to all. Keep on fighting!

2020-06-13 $50
Private donation*

Wishing you continued strength and courage as you fight this disease

2020-06-12 $20
Private donation*

You are a strong, beautiful woman a true fighter. A wonderful role model for your beautiful family. We stand with you and face this head on. Praying for your full recovery koukla xo ????????

2020-06-12 $20
Deborah Ernestine

I pray for you and help you fight the fight for you and all to fi d a cure and get better. God bless ????????????????????

2020-06-12 $40

You can fight this Antonia!! You are an inspiration to us!! I’m here whenever you need me ♥️????

2020-06-12 $25
Private donation*

Wishing you strength to fight this and time so you can be eith your family

2020-06-12 $50
Mitch + Yasmeen

Sending you good vibes <3

2020-06-11 $25
Private donation*

Antonia you are so strong and so amazing and we are here for you every step of the way to fight this disease ????????

2020-06-10 $50
Sonia Spina
2020-06-09 $40
Tina Matteo
2020-06-09 $50
Joe Spina
2020-06-09 $50
Private donation*
2020-06-08 $100
Anonymous donation
2020-06-06 $20
Alan Lisek

Born a fighter. Always a fighter!!!! Go Antonia Go

2020-06-02 $20
Tanya and Carlo

We are thinking of you and your beautiful girls!

2020-06-01 $40
Maria Niro

Antonia you are a strong woman faced with a battle no one should have to challenge at such a young age. Wishing you much courage to forge on and fight the battle with grace.

2020-05-31 $25
Loverin Family

We got this!!

2020-05-23 $50
Athina Iliadis

You’re strong and you’ve got this!

2020-05-23 $25
Bonnie Lazzara

You are one of the strongest, courageous friend. You got this Antonia. Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

2020-05-22 $25
Antonia Iagallo