Nancy Weiss

Raised : $1,161
Objective : $2,000
2020-06-22 $100
Private donation*

Congratulations Jaysters for continuing onwards! Jay would be proud. xoxo

2020-06-21 $500
Private donation*
2020-06-20 $50
Carman And Roberta Calderone
2020-06-18 $50
Private donation*

Nancy,good luck and don’t give up on the cause.Thank you for keeping the torch lit up in hope of finding a medicine to combat ALS.Let’s keep Jay’s memory alive.
Joanne and Bruno Gattuso

2020-06-17 $50
The Lumers

Always happy to sponsor you Nancy in Jay’s memory!

2020-06-15 $36

Jay is often on our thoughts. The loss of such a warm, intelligent, and devoted friend to this disease still breaks our hearts. Let’s try to spare others from grief.

2020-06-14 $50
Merrill Liverman

A great cause in Jay’s memory.

2020-06-14 $100
Max Kaufman
2020-06-14 $25
Andrea and Barry

Even though it is a virtual walk this year, the cause is one that is dear to our hearts because of Jay, whom we will never forget.

2020-06-14 $200
Nancy Weiss