Team Jacques


Life without my late husband, Jacques, has not be easy. I miss my best friend every day. On June 5th, 2021 it was 3 years since we lost this selfless man, husband, father, uncle and friend to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Every year, our family and friends participate in the "Walk to End ALS". We raise funds to help families affected by ALS and for ground-breaking scientific research that is still working on a cure. Please follow the link below and donate to our cause. Let's keep Jacques memory alive and help as many families as we can! Thank you Lucy ❤❤
ALS doesn’t stop and neither will we. Thank you for your support!

Raised : $0
Objective : $6,500
2021-06-25 $100
Valyear Family
2021-06-24 $100

Good job, mom!

2021-06-24 $50


2021-06-18 $1,000
Anonymous donation

Keeping the memory alive

2021-06-16 $50
Anonymous donation
2021-06-16 $50

Keep up the good work.

2021-06-16 $100
Tony Calabretta

Keep it going!

2021-06-16 $50
Private donation*
2021-06-09 $25
Private donation*
2021-06-09 $125
Giuseppina Di Liello
2021-06-07 $100
Private donation*
2021-06-07 $1,000
Anonymous donation

Ms Lucy, keep up the good fight!!

2021-06-05 $100
Dumont Family
2021-06-05 $50
Private donation*
2021-06-05 $150
Alyssa, Nick & fam
2021-06-05 $100
Private donation*

Thinking of all of you on this difficult day.

2021-06-04 $100
Private donation*

let's make a difference

2021-06-03 $100
Private donation*
2021-06-03 $1,500
Linda helping Lucy helping ALS Que.

Without hope, there is nothing.

2021-06-02 $100
Onnig, Dianne, Kai, Kehlani & Kenzo Kouyoumdjian
2021-06-01 $50
Private donation*

You guys are making amazing strides to help in the pursuit of a cure or even support... keep up the good fight...❤

2021-06-01 $1,000
Private donation*