The Jaysters


Be part of the TEAM ALS by supporting The Jaysters!

Help me reach my fundraising goal for the Walk to End ALS! Although we can’t walk together this year, we are all in this together and your support is needed now more than ever for the same Walk you know and love

Thanks to the support of people like you, ALS Quebec is able to offer services and programs to families at every stage of the disease. You will also help us support research, in the hopes of finding a treatment.

ALS doesn’t stop and neither will we. Thank you for your support!

Raised : $3,376
Objective : $3,400
2020-07-03 $25
Private donation*
2020-06-29 $25
Private donation*

Cheering you on, Trudy. I will do a walk to support you.

2020-06-26 $20
Private donation*
2020-06-23 $100
Judi borts

A wonderful cause xo

2020-06-23 $25
Private donation*

Glad to know this is still happening - thank you!

2020-06-22 $100
Private donation*

Congratulations Jaysters for continuing onwards! Jay would be proud. xoxo

2020-06-21 $100
Private donation*
2020-06-21 $500
Private donation*
2020-06-21 $50
Suanney Da
2020-06-20 $50
Private donation*

Good luck

2020-06-20 $50
Carman And Roberta Calderone
2020-06-19 $50
Christiane and John
2020-06-19 $100
Darius Hartt

You go Grandma!

2020-06-19 $500
Gertrude hartt
2020-06-18 $100
Kenny W

Keep up the good work !

2020-06-18 $50
Private donation*

Nancy,good luck and don’t give up on the cause.Thank you for keeping the torch lit up in hope of finding a medicine to combat ALS.Let’s keep Jay’s memory alive.
Joanne and Bruno Gattuso

2020-06-18 $50
Eva & André

A great cause, enjoy the "virtual" walk this year!

2020-06-18 $54
Private donation*
2020-06-17 $200
Harriet segal
2020-06-17 $50
Private donation*
2020-06-17 $50
Private donation*
2020-06-17 $100
Private donation*

Go for it

2020-06-17 $50
The Lumers

Always happy to sponsor you Nancy in Jay’s memory!

2020-06-16 $36
Debbie Cheifetz
2020-06-15 $30
Private donation*

Go Trudy go,you are the best

2020-06-15 $100
Gertrude weinstein
2020-06-15 $50
Jane Kuhnreich

Have a fun time

2020-06-15 $50
Monica and Gerry
2020-06-15 $50
Judi Borts

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your walk for a great cause.

2020-06-15 $100
Joan and Marc
2020-06-15 $50
Brian Leibgott
2020-06-15 $36

Jay is often on our thoughts. The loss of such a warm, intelligent, and devoted friend to this disease still breaks our hearts. Let’s try to spare others from grief.

2020-06-15 $100
Judi Borts
2020-06-14 $50
Merrill Liverman

A great cause in Jay’s memory.

2020-06-14 $100
Max Kaufman
2020-06-14 $25
Andrea and Barry

Even though it is a virtual walk this year, the cause is one that is dear to our hearts because of Jay, whom we will never forget.

2020-06-14 $200
Nancy Weiss