Pat Scully


Be part of Team Pat Scully!

(Due to so much generosity, I have decided to increase the goal! Let's keep this going!)

Help us reach our fundraising goal for the Walk to End ALS in memory of Pat Scully! Although we can’t walk together this year, we can all make an impact and your support is much appreciated.

Thanks to the support of people like you, ALS Quebec is able to offer services and programs to families at every stage of the disease. You will also help us support research, in the hopes of finding a treatment.

ALS doesn’t stop, Pat never stopped, and neither will we. Thank you for your support!

Raised : $2,710.13
Objective : $3,000
2022-05-20 $20
Valerie Lamontagne

Thanks Pat for raising my lovely coworker

2022-04-22 $40
Private donation*

Hey luv, I love this and what you’re achieving here. Continue to raise the bar and bring awareness to this cruel disease. Forever in our thoughts xo

2022-03-16 $25
Private donation*
2022-02-07 $25
Rachel Labelle

Keep on keeping on xox

2022-02-07 $100
Mitchell Cohen

His flame shines brightly

2022-02-05 $95
Sandra McGaritty

KARLEIGH mommy is so proud of you! Your dad is looking over you every step of your life, now and always! He is shedding a few tears of joy just knowing how ‘ oh so proud ‘
he is of you. Keep doing great things and being kind! That’s who we are! We love you PEANUT! Mom and dad️️️

2022-02-02 $100
Kelly and Duane

Patrick was a very best friend of ours. He inspired us to be better people and always see the positive and good in people, even before he got ill.
He is someone we think of everyday and in doing so we smile through what we consider tough stuff, Patrick we love you and always will.

2022-01-31 $100
Gail and Harold

Good luck from a cousin of your dad’s in the west.

2022-01-30 $100
Cousins Pat & Little Cheri

Karleigh and Sandy, we are glad to participate in Patrick's name.

2022-01-29 $100
Sandra Freeman
2022-01-28 $50
Private donation*

Pat scully was one of a kind, such a strong man and fantastic husband and father he is truly missed

2022-01-28 $50
Private donation*
2022-01-27 $50
Dale Mcgarrity

Karleigh and Sandy. I'm happy to donate to the team, for a great cause. Your dad and husband was amazing with his condition, always smiling, and never complained. I learned a lot from him. He was a gem of a person. Karleigh, your dad is looking down on you with pride. He is your Angel.

2022-01-27 $20
Dara Riberdy
2022-01-27 $25
Kim at ALSO
2022-01-27 $50
Ted parker
2022-01-27 $100
Kathryn and Peter Carbray


2022-01-26 $100
Shauna Joyce

This is amazing! Love you and your dad very much xox

2022-01-26 $20
Julia D'Adamo

way to go Kar! your dad would be very proud <3

2022-01-26 $50
2022-01-26 $75
Maureen and Lar

Still think of your dad often Kar. Sadly missed.

2022-01-26 $250
Ray F1

Pat was one of my best friends and he is missed dearly. His heart and strength were amazing. Love the Skully family!!

2022-01-26 $20
Private donation*
2022-01-26 $30
Private donation*
2022-01-26 $50
Dayna Dee

Beautiful idea xoxo

2022-01-26 $25
Lauren Gentile

Sending you love and encouragement from Ontario!

2022-01-26 $20

A great way to remember a great man! I love you with all my heart and I am so proud of the person you are becoming. You are so kind and inspiring, a lot of the same qualities that your dad had. I have no doubt that your dad would be very proud of you as well! Love you Aunty and Kar xoxo

2022-01-26 $40
Tanya Mastrangelo

This is amazing! Sending love

2022-01-26 $50
Private donation*

Thinking of you all, sending love xoxo

2022-01-26 $100
Deb & Sharon

Your dad was one of a kind, the very very best kind of person. You are following in those footsteps and I'm sure he's super proud! Go get 'em!

2022-01-26 $30

Love you guys!

2022-01-26 $100
Ariane Cohen

You go Kar, my special love!!!️️️

2022-01-26 $100
Alyssa Cohen

A beautiful idea! Great way to remember your dad! Love you guys!

2022-01-26 $50
Anonymous donation

Wonderful tribute to your inspiring father ! You continue in his footsteps of being amazing and inspiring!

2022-01-26 $100
Frank and Sharron

Miss Patrick every day

2022-01-26 $100

Love you guys forever.

2022-01-26 $20
Curly barista
2022-01-26 $100
Private donation*

Go Team Scully, Go Team Scully

2022-01-26 $100
Katie Ball

Love you Kar Kar and Sandra!!

2022-01-26 $130.13
Leslie Hattem

Your dad must be so proud of you Karleigh. I love you and Sandra with all of my heart. This is a beautiful idea.