▶ About IMakeAnOnlineDonation

IMakeAnOlineDonation is a service offered by Logilys and integrates perfectly to the ProDon software.


In order for an organization to be efficient and effective, it needs information management systems that ensure the reliability of business processes and that simplify current operations. Improving peoples’ lives is our passion. We help organizations go further.

The team at Logilys is dedicated to overcoming operational challenges and improving management processes. That is what motivates us.

We are the designers of software solutions. Our mission is to design smart, efficient applications that make life easier for an organization’s users.

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ProDon software, developed by Logilys, is used for 20 years by foundations and organizations of all sizes. Fully adapted to suit all the needs of non-profit organizations, ProDon is specifically designed to manage campaigns and fundraising activities.

Visit www.ProDon.ca.

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