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Questions frequently asked by organizations?

Why is the IMakeAnOnlineDonation website safe?

  - the website is secured with an extended validation SSL certificate (also called Green Bar)
  - data related to payments (credit cards, bank accounts) is entered from the Virtual Terminal of the payment provider
  - data related to payments is kept in a secure vault and is not recoverable by the organization nor by IMakeAnOnlineDonation
  - this solution uses a token concept (tokenization) so that data related to payments is protected at all times
  - all data entered by Internet users are the sole property of the organization
  - all data entered by Internet users are recoverable only by the organization for processing purposes

Can IMakeAnOnlineDonation solicit my donors?

The donors belong to you, and never will IMakeAnOnlineDonation solicit them or retain any information about them. A thank you email will be sent for each transaction, but it will be sent by your organization and you always have full control on the content of the message.

Do I need a website or a web server to use your service?

IMakeAnOnlineDonation is a hosted solution; it is designed to operate with or without a website. If you currently have a website, simply add a link to the online donation page.
Ex. : www.IMakeAnOnlineDonation.org/YourOrganization

Do I need to have ProDon to join your service?

Our integrated solution aims at eliminating all manual transcription of information and keeping costs at a minimum. This full integration is possible only with our ProDon software. However, ProDon can also be installed in an environment that already has a donations management application.

Questions frequently asked by donors

How can I search for an organization?

Click here: "Search an organization" in the "Site Map" section.

How can I make an online donation to an organization?

Click here: "Make an online donation to an organization" in the "Site Map" section.

Can I suggest an organization that is not listed?

The best way to propose our service to an organization you support, is to use our form to tell a friend.

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